PLAYER– The Player lens is our smallest lens shape. It is a teardrop shape that comes at an upward angle along the cheek line for a more streamline look. The Player is the smallest of the lens sizes offered. The triangular/ tear-dropped shaped lens is best suited for women or people with smaller more defined facial features.


GASKET/ TFLEX - The Gasket model is our medium and most universal style. This style features a more traditional rectangle shaped lens offering more coverage than the Player. This model tends to fit almost anyone, including women. The T-Flex is the same exact frame as the Gasket, it just utilizes a rubber hinge allowing the glasses to fold. They can also be converted to a full goggle when used with the Goggle Pack. 


 TITAN– The Titan frame is our largest lens shape that offers maximum coverage. This lens is more of a square shape that comes up higher over the brow line (you can see the lip in the frame) and dips lower along the cheek line. This frame styles tends to fit individuals who have less prominent facial features such as deeper set eyes or larger nose bridges.